I'm in Love With A Horse

I am twenty-seven years old and I am currently in love with a horse. A piebald mare called Pie to be precise. Although, seeing as Pie is such an unimaginative name for a piebald mare, I have taken to calling her Penny. She just looks like a Penny in my opinion. Once the name had stuck (which was about two minutes after I'd christened her) I remembered that the security lady at work is also called Penny, but oh well, it’s too late now.

I have even been imagining scenarios in which I can come to own her. A sudden windfall now, or maybe in a few years time, after I've had a few hundred riding lessons, she will come up for sale and I will be in a position to buy her. Although these fantasies also include me owning an amazing equestrian property which is highly unlikely.

Unfortunately I don’t have a decent picture of her yet as I don’t have the confidence to bring my decent camera to the yard as I've only been riding there for a month. All these are taken swiftly over stable doors and what not with my rather dated Samsung. I haven't fallen in love with a horse since I was about fourteen years old and a black mare named Tilly became my world (I still Facebook stalk her owner to this day).


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