Evangelists Assemble

I shall be going to Creation Fest 2016 in August! For those who don't know what that is, it is a festival concerning music, skating and Christianity. Yeah, it's admittedly an odd mix, but it certainly sounds like a good one. It is free to attend and there is camping on-site, so I shall be dragging along my little pop-up tent and hopefully enjoying some uplifting gospel tunes and envying some awesome skateboarders for a few days.

I do have my concerns. For example, some Christians can be a little cult-like in their approach to the religion. I remember trying out a new church once where the congregation flocked around me singing, "You're young!" like they were the bloody Sanderson sisters sizing me up for a meal. It was all very unnerving. I didn't go back.

Anyway, I have been wanting to be a bit more of an active Christian, and this festival just seems perfect, especially as it is pro-skateboarding. Unfortunately whilst you can skate, there is a complete ban on alcohol on site. In a strange way I am looking forward to not having the alcohol crutch though. When I go to places like this I tend to rely on it to coast through social situations. Having to just be me might be interesting. Usually I can blame any weirdness on the drink.

Here is the video of last year's festival.


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