Pie Surprised Us

"Pie!? I've been riding you!"
So, erm, Pie had a little secret. Well, quite a big secret really. On Sunday the yard owner discovered a little bay filly in her stable.

I found out about this little bombshell when I went for my riding lesson on Tuesday. I walked past Pie’s stable (as I always do, because, you know, she‘s my favourite) to say hello only to find she wasn't in there. It’s not unusual for the horses to be temporarily moved around (for example; if they are being mucked out) so I didn't think much of it.

However when I got to the main yard one of the stable girls asked if I’d seen Pie, and she had a knowing smile on her face. I said that Pie wasn't in her stable, so no. The girl took me to a stable about two doors down from Pie’s usual one and indicated that I should look in the left corner closest to the door. And that was my first introduction to the little foal that nobody had been expecting.

Obviously my first reaction was sheer horror that I had been riding a heavily pregnant mare. Then I was just really happy for Pie, as well as being taken in by the adorable foal, because who doesn't love baby animals? Now I am having my fears that the yard will sell her and I will never see her again. A mare with a foal can’t earn her keep at a riding school, and that terrifies me.


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