Cree and the Farrier

From the moment I got Cree home it was immediately obvious that her feet needed some attention. I don't think she had seen a farrier since before she foaled; she was still wearing shoes on her front feet and her hooves were very overgrown. Unfortunately she is also very foot-shy. She isn't aggressive with it, but if you try and pick her feet she will maybe hold up her foot for five seconds before stamping it down or starting to rock so hard you fear she will fall. Today the farrier visited for the first time and it was a bit of a disaster.

As I said before, she was in desperate need of a trim, and I also wanted her to have her shoes removed. She can't be ridden until Teddie is a little older and so having shoes seems a bit redundant. I'd rather she went as natural as possible for as long as she can get away with it.

Unfortunately Cree hated every second of it. She stamped and kicked and spun and swayed. The lovely farrier was so good with her though and didn't give up or become angry with her. Unfortunately by the time he began on her hind feet he felt it would be best to use a twitch, which I have to admit I was very uncomfortable with, but I had to let the farrier do what he felt was best, after all I wasn't the one putting my head right next to the back legs of a dangerous and stressed horse. My heart did break though as I watched them tighten the rope around her lip.

I will have to make it my mission to work on her feet and try and make the next visit less stressful for her. Another horse at the yard was bought from the same riding school where I purchased Cree and his owner said that he had to be brought to his knees by the farrier the first time he was visited before he could be trimmed. The way that Cree behaves when it comes to her feet indicates to me that she has been cruelly punished during her previous 'training', and that will take some undoing.

After her rough morning she was a bit of moody mare for the rest of the day, even barging past me when the time came for her to come in from the paddock. Hopefully she will be in a happier mood tomorrow.



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