She is Cree

Remember that horse that I was telling you about? Well… I own her now! 

Yes, Pie is now mine and she has been christened with a new name- Cree (I‘ve always been fascinated by American Indians and their relationship with horses, so naming my paint horse after a tribe seemed like a no-brainer). As I have said before, Pie is just such an unimaginative name for a piebald horse. Though to be honest there doesn’t seem to be much creativity in the equestrian world when it comes to naming horses (examples; there is an appaloosa at the yard called Spot and a chestnut named Rusty).

Anyway, I bought her on the 28th of July. I had my riding lesson in the morning and then went back with a rented horse box at about 6pm. The horse box situation turned into a bit of a palaver as the lady who we'd hired hadn’t read the email with the required attention, and thought the box was needed for two grown horses. It is common practice to remove the centre partition when travelling a mare and foal, and this hadn't been done. The lady and the yard owner who we bought Pie/Cree from had to wrestle the partition into the cabin area instead.

Cree loaded and unloaded fine and the foal, now called Teddie, took a little bit more convincing. The lovely owner of our new yard had prepared the new stable for us, so all we had to do was take them out of the horse box and lead them the few feet into their stall. It all went rather well.

Now it has been almost two weeks and I still love her. I can’t believe she is mine. That horse that I used to hang over the stable door fantasising about owning is now mine, even if it does mean I have ended up with two horses. Though fortunately my sister has decided to adopt the foal.

I’ll keep you updated on everything.



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