Cole, Marmalade and Muse Cat Food

Recently I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and a post from the hilarious Cole and Marmalade caught my eye. They had teamed up with Muse cat food and were hosting a giveaway for a gift box filled with all sorts of Muse goodies, all you had to do was caption this picture.

I don't usually go for caption contests as I am a little fearful of judgement, but I love Cole and Marmalade and the box just looked so incredibly good that I went for it, and guess what... It paid off! A few hours later I received a notification informing me that I had won. To say that I was surprised/ thankful/ grateful doesn't even begin to cover it.

Obviously then I had to wait a while for my goodies to arrive and after what seemed like forever (though in reality it was only a matter of weeks) a colourful package was waiting for me when I got home from the yard. It took me a while to actually check out the contents of the box as three of my cats immediately dived in there the second it was opened, but when I did get a chance, I wasn't disappointed.

The catnip was the instant favourite for the majority of the cats (they hoiked that beauty out of the box within moments of it being opened). The box itself was Tilly's item of choice, she immediately spread herself out over everything in there in the way that only a cat can, so that I had to wait my turn to check out the contents myself. Also included were four samples of Muse cat food (typical as I have five cats, haha), a cat food bowl (going to have to get me four more of them), and some frilly light-weight toys.

And it wasn't just the cats who got treats. The box also included a cat print rolling pin (no more using wine bottles!), a mug, a reusable bag and incredibly randomly (maybe a substitute due to a customs restriction?) a bottle of nail polish from The Body Shop. Yeah, I was very happy with my cat-themed goodies.

Unfortunately I don't think we get Muse cat food in the UK yet, so I can't return this lovely gesture with some brand loyalty. I don't think they were expecting someone outside the US to win to be honest.


PS. You can find the Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel here. It's one of my favourites, so I definitely recommend it.

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